Bachelor of Science Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences Faculty standard period 6 semesters Start out Winter quality assurance in nursing term compatibility test subjects are subjects of Economic and Social Sciences. Admission requirements to the preferred needs see requirements Teaching languages ??German, reported events in English.For specialist The social sciences those sciences that handle the institutions along with the interactions of human coexistence contain. This includes all locations of human coexistence of politics to culture and the economy to society. She describes her objects of study empirically and locations them in theory. Both structures and functions are analyzed social systems as well as the processes person actions and decisions.

Inside the bachelor degree program Social Sciences are priorities probable both in political science and in sociology. Extra sociological profiles are potential due to the substantial variety of faculty.Study conditions and specifications.The requirements from the occasions you could see how your interests too as qualified know-how and private skills meet the specifications of your course. The following skilled, methodical and personal strengths and inclinations play a significant part in the SoWi study:Understanding of social political contexts interest in social science subjects serious about economics or social psychology subjects aptitude for abstract and conceptual considering great mathematical and analytical expertise secure command of German language skills (English) proficiency to independently function preparing a high degree of willingness to self-discipline and objective orientation.

System Structure.The Bachelor’s degree system comprises 180 ECTS credits and is divided into the simple and intermediate variety, the supplemental region, the focal region, the study of integrals as well as the bachelor thesis. The basic and sophisticated range involves fundamental content of sociology, political science and economics. In supplementary field teaching methodological experience at the same time because the nicely by other social science modules take spot. Within the region of ??focus, having said that, is definitely the choice to specialize either in political science, in sociology or social psychology and as a result complete the individual profile. Interdisciplinary components can be taught through the study integrals.Fields of activity.Each the connection amongst scientific foundation and sensible orientation along with the potential to place in studying individual concentrate, open up diverse career opportunities at house and abroad. Graduates using a stronger political science profile located mostly in political institutions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union) and organizations (political parties, foundations), media and associations at the national, European and international level as well as in education employment, while graduates with a far more sociological profile develop in consulting and idea services inside the field of industry and social research, the media and public relations in suppliers and associations profession prospects.Further details.International.The Center for International Relations (ZIB) Faculty details on its pages in regards to the exchanges and cooperation relations (see link International).

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